Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blimey O'Keany

Wow. What a week! And that's not just the weather (take that IPL!).

Tuesday: New Chief Executive is brought in to the club. Press conference draws a couple of local journalists and a man who looks suspciously like Jim Magilton dressed in a wig, asking questions about the future of Jim Magilton. No comment is given from Bert from Sesame Street.

Town's new Chief Executive

Wednesday: Jim Magilton, a man who was a loyal player, but a terrible manager is sacked, by phone, by our owner Marcus Evans, who wears a mask or something to every home match, as nobody knows what he looks like. Magilton's sacking is expected, but it's a weird time of the season to do it. What a way to go though after beating the Norfolk types 3-2 on the Sunday. Rumours begin about who will take over, with all the old names being dragged out, including the horrifying name of Glenn Hoddle...

Thursday: I embark on a Geography trip across the border into the land of budgies, wearing an Ipswich Town shirt. Fun times. I get a text at 8 telling me that Roy Keane has been appointed the new boss. The press conference promises to be entertaining, and the entire nation's media embarks towards Portman Road. By four o'clock, Keane has had a look at Ipswich's squad and told them where he stands (Don't be late or I'll drop you, no excuses about your zimmerframe Campo.), and so he sits in front of a load of Town badges on a blue background. Cameras flash, journalists ask questions that aren't about Ipswich Town at all. No beard is in sight. Shame that.

Same old stuff about Ipswich, Premiership, ambitions. Then something about some dogs, and digs at other managers. Which are the bits the nationals focus on. We're so interesting.

Friday: His first squad is announced. Matt Richards is back. Wow. I forgot he was still here.

Saturday: First match in charge. Numerous cameras follow said manager. Nobody cares about what happens, only care about what Roy Keane does. But we win 3-0. And Richard Wright makes a damn fine penalty save. And Jon Stead plays pretty damn well.

Monday: Derek Davis still has a massive man-crush on Matt Richards. No change there then.

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