Thursday, January 7, 2010

Whoever thinks Test cricket is dead...

Watch England. Just watch England bat for a draw. You know there'll be excitement, maybe even tears. There'll be a run rate of less than 2, but my word, is it worth it in the end.

Paul Collingwood does it again. Many raised eyebrows when he got an MBE in 2005. To be honest, he warrants that now. He's dug England out of more holes recently than games Pablo has played since that miss against Bristol City.

Ian Bell, now there's something that nobody expected. Ian Bell faced 200+ balls today, and got 70-odd. Yeah, he got out, but so did Colly here and in Cardiff. But they're still the heroes.

And the tailenders, Graeme Swann and Graham Onions. Even Stuart Broad. It's nice for England to actually have a tail that'll give you confidence, that you know won't buckle and continue where the batsmen have left off.

What is it about England and the last hour? They never do things easily, do they? And that's why Test cricket isn't dead. Because England have given their all here, at Newlands and back at Centurion, to snatch a draw from the jaws of defeat.

Here's to Colly, Bell, Swanny and Onions. I'm having a J2O and a lie down. Bring on Jo'burg.

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