Wednesday, August 18, 2010

There's only one Marcus Stewart...

I took this picture at the Exeter City game on August 10th 2010. I was going to do a match report on the game, but the news of Adam Stansfield put the match into perspective. That news was absolutely tragic and my thoughts are still with his family, friends and Exeter City FC.

Considering the news about Jon Walters today, and the way he left Portman Road, it left me thinking about one of my all time favourite Town players of Marcus Stewart (Matt Holland, Reuser and Darren Bent are on my list too because I'm 18, not 48) and the reaction he got on the 10th. I was hoping he was going to come on and when he did, I gave him the ovation he deserved. It was brilliant and he showed his appreciation of it at the end of the match. The next time Walters steps onto the Portman Road turf, or Tractor Boys occupy the away end at Brittania Stadium, he's likely to be booed.

The Ipswich Town version of the "there's only one..." song will always be Marcus Stewart's in my eyes. Sorry JW.

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