Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day One: First Test, England vs Sri Lanka

The following is a representation of the first day of play between England and Sri Lanka in Cardiff. It's what happens when a student has far too much time on her hands and a vast collection of ducks:
Umpire Billy Ducktrove inspects the covered pitch on a rainy day in Cardiff

Billy Ducktrove chats to Glamorgan's head groundsman
The England team line up. I'll leave you to guess which one's Chris Tremlett.
First ball of the match. Yes, that is a Captain Conk red nose from Red Nose Day. I have nothing else.
Dilshan hits a four off Broad's disappointing first over
Dilshan's 50.

Dilshan chops a Graeme Swann delivery onto his stumps.

The England team celebrate the vital breakthrough
Sangakkara edges it through to Prior... Or does he?

England appeal, Aleem Dallard says not out...

Prompting England to review the decision...

HotSpot seems inconclusive, but the decision is overturned and Sangakkara is on his way back to the pond pavilion. 

Paranavitana cuts one off Tremlett. This might never have happened, I just wanted to use him.

Paranavitana reaches his 50 on a rain affected day.
And then came the close of play. Not really sure how to represent that.

Anyway, I didn't get all of it and the chances are that I'm unlikely to do this again because it was pretty time consuming. And y
es, I'm well aware that I should probably get out a lot more... 


  1. Hannah, that was superb. It had me in stitches! Well done.

  2. Oh. Wow. Linked to this by a friend. Still giggling. Superb work! :)