Tuesday, September 6, 2011

England v India: Only Twenty20

With the Test series over, all Indian eyes turned to the limited overs format. Both the Twenty20 and the ODI series can expect to draw in large, noisy and passionate crowds. The Twenty20 happened almost a week ago, but again I've been all over the place and have only just got round to being able to duckify it. Here's what happened at the cricket in t'north west:

India won the toss and decided they wanted to bat first.
Bresnan took the first over and started with a wide. It didn't get much better with his next delivery...
As he got hit for four by Patel.
Broad decides to ignore his own advice and bowls short...
And gets hit for four down to fine leg.
India start off well, but Dirtbag soon gets the breakthrough.
Patel gets deceived by a slower ball...
And is caught by Stuart Broad. India are 39-1.
Rahane carries on with India's solid enough start.
He hits a lovely four off Broad.
Dravid, playing his first and last Twenty20 International, decides to smash down the image of him as The Wall with his cricket bat...
And hits first one six...

Then another...

And another. The third one brings up the hundred for India and they've only lost one wicket.
Bopara comes on to bowl and he gets the big wicket of Dravid.
He's caught by Morgan for 31 and India are 104-2.
And so begins an Indian collapse. Rahane goes for 61 off 39.
Rahane hands the captain his first wicket...
As he's caught by Dirtbag at third man. 106-3.
Kohli comes in and gets a feather through to Kieswetter...
Reducing India to 108-4.
And Swann picks up the wicket of Rohit Sharma.
And even a fumble from Kieswetter cannot save him...
As he's stumped for only 1. India, 117-5.
England, as they did in the Test series, give Raina the short stuff.
But he's facing Broad, so is able to get a four.
Dernbach picks up another wicket.
Dhoni tries to go over the top, but Hales is on the boundary.
It pops up and onto Hales' shoulder...
But he ends up taking the catch to leave India 158-6.
India hope to have a good end to the innings, but Ashwin decides to get himself run out.
He drops the ball into the offside and sets off for a single that was never there. 
Dernbach is quick to the ball...
And runs him out. 162-7.
Raina, potentially India's best hope (although Kumar's at the other end) of boosting India's score, departs.
Bressy Lad takes his wicket as Raina is caught by Broad. He goes for 33 off 19.
Dernbach manages to deceive Praveen Kumar with a slower delivery and reduce India to 165-9.
And Munaf Patel goes the next ball.
He nicks behind and India are all out for 165. Considering that they were 104-1, it's a disappointing total for the Indian camp.
England's reply does not start off well. Hales is struck on the pads on the second ball of his international Twenty20 debut...
India appeal...
And Hales is gone. England are 0-1.
KP decides that he's going to have a go before his "rest", which means England fans are in heart attack territory.
He takes on Kumar and is dropped by Patel at third man.
And it goes to the boundary for four.
Kieswetter once again plays his standard England international innings.
He goes for a shot over the top and ends  up being caught by Raina off Munaf Patel.
And KP soon follows. Kohli comes on to bowl and strikes with his first delivery.
KP comes too far down the pitch and ends up being stumped by Dhoni. 
He is well out of his ground and departs for 33 off 23.
And it reduces England to 61-3.
Once again, all eyes are on Eoin Morgan. His wicket will be a massive one for India.
Here he hits Sharma for a four to keep the scoreboard moving...
Then he smacks a six over cow corner and into the stands.

Kumar feeds a juicy full toss on Morgan's leg stump...
And it goes to the boundary for a four. 
Morgan's inventiveness is perfect for this format. Here he hits a reverse sweep off Ashwin...
And it goes to third man for a four.
Morgan does not get his fifty though, as he succumbs to Munaf Patel in the next over.
He gets an outside edge and is caught by Sharma. Or is he?
India celebrate, but Morgan stands his ground. "No way" he seems to say.
The two umpires have a discussion and it ends up going upstairs.
And the replays support India. Morgan is gone for 49. 
Samit Patel comes in and with Bopara in switching the strike mode, looks to score the runs.
After going for a big shot on the offside, Patel discovers that it's his bat flying through the air...
The ball goes for a single, but Patel clings onto the bat handle as the Indian fielders see the funny side of the incident.
The last over begins with a contentious wide. Patel backs away and Kumar bowls it just within the line. However, the umpire decides to signal a wide and it's a big help to England as it's a run to their cause and an extra delivery.
Patel gets a four off the first legitimate ball in the final over.
He gets a small edge on it and it flies underneath Dhoni to the boundary for four. 
Patel gets a toe on a delivery...
And it goes for four to third man. 
England need only one off 4 balls and Patel decides enough's enough and goes for another four.

England win by 6 wickets with 3 balls remaining. Jade Dernbach is named duck of the match.

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