Monday, July 4, 2011

2nd ODI: England vs Sri Lanka

Like the third day at Cardiff, I went to this. Here's KP/the duck formerly known as Bressie Lad enjoying the day out of the cardboard box in which they're stored between matches:
You may also have noticed that I've added a new page at the top called 'Cricketers Meeting Their Duck Counterparts'. It's a work in progress and it means that a lot of international cricketers and small children will think I'm crazy, but hey, hopefully I'll get some of them. Now to check ground regulations as to whether the Tremlett duck can come in...

Anyway, enough about that. The 2nd ODI was the first of England's international matches this season to be played oop north. This, therefore, is the perfect opportunity to change all the duck counterparts around as my entire duck collection has been reunited in one big, happy multi-coloured and plastic/wax family. So, now that have enough ducks for both sides, here's the 2nd ODI! 
England win the toss after Dilshan calls incorrectly. Cook elects to field.

Sri Lanka start off watchfully and soon lose their first wicket on 15.

Dilshan goes for a single after hitting the ball to Broad...

Who gets a direct hit. The umpire goes upstairs...

But Dilshan is a goner.

Jayawardene gets an edge on a Bresnan delivery...

But it's too high for Swanny...

Who can only parry it off above his head.

It goes for a single.

To add salt to Bresnan's wound, Jayawardene gets an edge along the ground...

It should be a routine long barrier for a fielder with such experience as Graeme Swann.

Unfortunately, it eludes him and ends up going to the boundary for a four. Bresnan is not amused.
Chandimal though does not have Jayawardene's luck.

He goes for a single that isn't there after Jimmy gets his wings on the ball.

He gets a direct hit and then slides into the stumps. Sri Lanka are 45-2.

Unfortunately for England, it turns into the Jayawardene and Sangakkara show. Jayawardene gets a single off Dernbach...
And celebrates his 50.

Sangakkara also soon reaches a half-century. 

He gets a four off Pietersen, but doesn't seem to realise he's reached another 50.
Meanwhile the mainstay of Sri Lanka's innings is reaching three figures.

He gets the required single off Bresnan and celebrates. 

Jayawardene finally looks comfortable at the crease, something he didn't look like throughout the entire Test series. 
Sangakkara decides to take on Swann but misses...

And Kieswetter does the rest. 204-3.

Mathews comes in and there's no let up for England until Jayawardene, on 144, comes down the pitch to Swann and misses one outside off.

He too is stumped and Sri Lanka are 271-4.

Kulasekara comes in but hits one in the air off Bresnan...

And is caught by KP. Sri Lanka finish on 309-5. It's a poor day for England as their fielding has not been as good and their bowling has been poor. Broad, Dernbach and Anderson finish wicketless, whilst Swann, once again, was the best of a bad bunch.
The floor was hard, so the England innings comes from the work surface:
England's reply starts off OK. Kieswetter hits a six off Dilshan who decides to open the bowling.

However, soon Quackmal snares Kieswetter. He goes for one big shot too many...

And hits it around the corner to Kulasekara. England are 53-1.

Cook, meanwhile, can see Mike Atherton staring at him from the media bit of Headingley. After a couple of dot balls, he decides to employ his version of the 'Dil-scoop' off the bowling of Kulasekara.

It goes to the boundary for four.

Cook, on 48, decides to go for the big shot.

Unfortunately for him, it goes straight to Mathews and England are 85-2.

KP succumbs to Mendis (who appears to be the same as Randiv in this picture, massive apologies) as he goes for the big shot...

Where he's caught by Malinga who takes a good , diving catch. 

It gets worse for England as Trott is bowled by a good, yorker length delivery from Quackmal.

Once again, England are reliant on Morgan. Here, he hits two sixes in a row off Mendis, who is bluer and less hearty than the KP wicket...

The first six narrowly avoids the fielder, the next is straight into the crowd.

Morgan, the duck that is probably key to England's run chase, reaches a 50 with  a single off Mendis.

Ian Bell congratulates his miniature team-mate. 

Unfortunately, England's hopes take a hammering as Morgan goes for a big shot off Randiv. He's stumped by Sangakkara and England are 201-5.

Bres realising that England need big shots to get anywhere near the target they've been set succumbs to Randiv too.
He hits it up in the air...

But straight to Chandimal in the deep. England are 204-6 and hope rests with Bell and the tail.

Broad comes down the pitch to Mendis and is stumped by Sangakkara. His back foot dragged out and he didn't get anywhere near the line in time.

England take the Powerplay but it's not to much use. Kulasekara who, like Randiv/Mendis, has magically changed into a different duck, takes the wicket of Bell. 

He's caught by Quackmal. England are 232-8 and England are now just playing for pride.

Malinga the Slinga returns.

And bowls Anderson for a duck. England are 233-9.

Dernach gets a boundary, but then hits one up in the air of Quackmal... 

And is caught by Kulasekara. England are all out for 240.
So a bad day in Yorkshire for England allowed Sri Lanka to level the 5 match series. You know what happened at Lord's. It'll be up at some point today or tomorrow. Oh dear England is all I'm going to say.

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