Saturday, July 30, 2011

England v India: Trent Bridge, Day One

After England's victory at Lord's, the Test wagon made its way up the M1 to Nottingham. For those who don't count the ICC Super Series in 2005 as a Test, then this is the true 2000th Test. So happy 2000th Test to you. Or 2001st if you're the ICC. Anyway, with Zaheer Khan having a dodgy hamstring and Guatum Gambhir having a bruised elbow, India had to make changes. Unfortunately, so did England. Chris Tremlett was having problems with his hamstring at Lord's, but it got a lot worse in Nottingham and then, to top it all off, he got back spasms on the day before the Test. Sreesanth and Yuvraj Singh came into the India side (both joyous human beings duck types) and Bressie Lad was recalled into the England side.

Here's day one from Trent Bridge recreated in my back garden, because it's nice to have a change of scenery:
Dhoni wins the toss after correctly calling heads. He decides to field first, meaning England have to bat in ideal bowling conditions again. Strap yourselves in, folks, we're in for a bumpy ride.
It doesn't start off great for England and Alastair Cook. Having survived a very close LBW shout a couple of overs before, Cook succumbs to Ishant Sharma.

He's struck above the knee roll and umpire Erasmus decides that Cook's a goner.
He raises the finger and England are 7-1. Hawkeye suggests that the ball was missing the stumps completely and something about the whole dismissal just doesn't seem right. But Cook can't review and off he goes. 
His captain, striving for form and probably in shock at out-surviving Alastair Cook for the third time in the series, gets on one his legs...
And he duly glances it to the boundary for four. 
Trott, meanwhile, plays a rash shot off Sreesanth.
He's caught by Quaxman and like he did in the first innings at Brisbane, has committed the cardinal sin of getting out to a bowler I don't like.
England are 23-2.

KP decides to sock it to Sreesanth and pull him for a couple of boundaries.
Sreesanth is not amused.
Then in the 18th over, emotions boil over. Kumar strikes KP on the pads...
Appeals like a crazed duck...
And is horrified that his appeal is turned down.
Come the end of the over, Kumar is still chuntering away to himself and takes it out on umpire Erasmus.
Kumar has to be dragged away by Harbhajan Singh. The incident leads to Kumar being fined 20% of his match fee. An England bowler would never do that, would they? (Good joke, Hannah!)
Strauss finally gets one where he likes it and is able to cut one for four off Harbhajan.
England reach the lunch break at 69-2. It's been a very tough morning for England. Imagine what could've happened if Zaheer had been fit. Actually, it's probably for the best that you don't. 
After lunch, KP decides that he's going to go for it and plays at an outswinger that he has no need to play at.

He's caught by Raina and it gives Sreesanth the chance to celebrate like a moron.

He duly obliges. England are 73-3.
Bell cuts a loose one off Sreesanth...
And it goes for four. 

Strauss stupidly decides to chase a ball outside off from Kumar...

And is caught by Raina again. It's a horrible shot and the fact that Strauss is on 32 makes it even worse.
Strauss can't believe what he's done and he walks off, leaving England wobbling at 85-4.
It's 85-5 moments later.

Kumar traps Morgan LBW and Eoin's dire series continues.
India have England on the ropes.
And despair turns to depression as Matt Prior gets a beauty from Sreesanth. 
He has no choice but to nick it Dravid at first slip and reduce England to 88-6. 
Bresnan gets a boundary which not only brings up England's 100...
But also means England go past 98. Hahaha. Ha.
But Bresnan does not last much longer as, like Prior, he gets an absolute peach of a delivery. This time though, the bowler's a shorn Sharma.

He's easily caught by Dravid and it reduces England to 117-7.

And then Ian Bell decides to chase a wide one outside off. 
And Ian Bell is caught by Dhoni. And Ian Bell goes for 31, leaving England 124-8 and England fans wondering what would've happened if Strauss had won the toss. It turns out to be the last over before tea, so England go into the interval at 124-8.
Swann and Broad decide to launch a counter-attack after the break.
Swanny pulls Sharma for a four.

Broad joins in the four hitting madness with one off Sreesanth.
Him and Swann take on the Indian bowlers.

After a partnership of 73 between Swann and Broad, Kumar gets one to rear up on a length.
Raina takes the catch, but there are concerns for Swann as he waddles off the pitch.
He's holding his left wing. It's a strange ball and a very surprising one, but England are 197-9, something that looked very unlikely before tea.
Broad reaches a superb 50 after deciding to straight drive Kumar back over his head.
It goes for a four.
And Broad celebrates his innings salvaging 50.
But soon he goes for one big shot too many...

And is caught on the boundary by Tenduckar for 64. His innings has boosted England's total to a respectable 221. It's probably below par, but without Broad's innings, it could have been a lot worse.

England take to the field. And immediately Jimmy picks up a wicket.
Mukund picks up a golden duck (yes, yes) as he's caught by KP in the gully.
It's a dream start for England and the next duck in is Quaxman.
Unfortunately, like Dravid, he looks in fine touch as he hits an overpitched delivery to the boundary.

India close the day on 24-1. Quaxman and Dravid will be two key ducks on day 2. Again, eyes will be on Tenduckar and his quest for his 100th 100.
So that was day one. Day two is nearly ready, but my mum's giving me evils that suggests I've been on my laptop too long. It'll be up in due course when I'm back from Southend tomorrow... 

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