Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day Four: First Test, England vs Sri Lanka

To day four, where England's hopes of quickly knocking off the runs they were trailing by in the morning session were dampened, thanks to the entirely unexpected Welsh weather. Cook and Trott had to wait to carry on their mammoth partnership and Pietersen, possibly turning out to be the most patient number four (in this case, five) batsmen in history, was probably hoping to get a turn in the middle.

Or if you don't fancy Wales, Lancaster's just as damp.
Once again, the rain finally clears and England are able to bat for the third day in a row. Sri Lanka are hoping to keep down the amount that England can score and that means getting wickets. 
Maharoof (is on fire) manages to get rid of Cook as he top edges a cut...

Straight to Jayawardene behind the stumps, who takes a decent catch.

Cook departs for lovely 133, bringing to the crease Kevin Pietersen. 

The Cardiff crowd hope KP do well, but alas, Dilshan decides to bring on KP's predator of the left-arm spinner and things do not go well for KP. He seemingly middles the ball, but...

Sri Lanka appeal because they know Pietersen's wicket is massive. Billy Ducktrove gives a resounding quack to say 'not out', but Sri Lanka decide to review. 

Replays of Hotspot seem to suggest that the ball hit pad first, but it is mightily close...

So it is no surprise that Pietersen feels aggrieved when he has to waddle off the pitch for only 3.

Ian Bell steps to the crease. He has also been in form, but overlooked by the Ashes golden "boys" (ducks is really not suitable here, unless you're Ponting, Johnson or the entire Australia team). He greets Herath with a six.

Something that Pietersen would surely love to do in the next Test match.

Trott flicks a shot through midwicket.

Which ends up going to the rope...

Bringing up Trott's 150. And he still goes on.

Meanwhile Bell, having hit a century in the Sydney Test, brings up his 50 with a magnificent pull.

Trott congratulates his Warwickshire team mate on his milestone.

After a while, Trott gets a single on the leg side...

To reach another fantastic double hundred. Trott has only been playing Test cricket for almost two years and during that time went through a patchy run of form in his native South Africa. 

However, soon Trott tries to score a bit quicker, because he can see Nick Knight looking bored in the commentary box. He decides to try and take on Dilshan.

But ends up chopping it onto his own stumps. 

Trott departs for 203, which is over half of what the Sri Lankans got in the first innings and a true "daddy hundred". 

Trott's departure means the return of Eoin Morgan to the England fold. After the retirement of the lovable mallard in Paul Colingwood, the "experts" behind the lily pads assumed that because Bopara hadn't flown east for the winter, he'd be back in the squad. Unfortunately for him, Morgan scored 193 in the England Lions match and had flown south for the winter with the rest of the squad.
(Yes, Morgan is using a hurley. No, not the type that Shane Warne likes.)

England finish the day ahead of Sri Lanka's total and Ian Bell finishes on 98 not out.
All eyes will be on the Welsh weather and then the English dressing room. Will Strauss let Bell get his ton? Will the game just peter out into a draw? Should Strauss and Dilshan just shake hands now and be done with it?

You know the answers, I'm just trying to build up excitement because day five will be coming soon...

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