Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day One: England vs Sri Lanka, Third Test

Today was the Rose Bowl's debut as a Test ground and USELESS STAT ALERT it becomes the 10th England (and Wales) home Test venue to date. Unfortunately for them, the players, the umpires and the crowd, it started off in an all too familiar way. Here's day one of the third Test between England and Sri Lanka. 

You might've seen this photo before, but another rain delay means that England have to find ways of entertaining themselves. Here they play "Pondtoon" (thanks to Dave)
Swanny is secretly pleased to have the other half of his ducky bromance back in his life. Everyone else is pleased to see Jimmy back as well, but for cricket related reasons. 

Meanwhile outside, Aleem Dallard battles the South coast elements with the head of the Hampshire groundstaff.

They didn't believe my first sign.

However, the rain clears and England win the toss. They choose to bowl, hoping that the pitch will provide a bit of movement. 

Jimmy and Broad take the new ball and England think they have struck when Sri Lanka are on 9-0.

England appeal for the catch.

But the appeals fall on deaf ears. England are convinced...

So Strauss reviews it. 

Replays, however, are inconclusive and the original Dallard decision stands. 

Broad, bowling from the other end, has (moderately interesting stat alert) not taken a five-fer in a match since that Oval Test match back in 2009.

It doesn't go too well for him here as he continues his poor form from Lord's.

Paranavitana picks up Sri Lanka's first boundary.

Down at the other end is the debutant, Thirimanne. He succumbs to Anderson...

As Strauss almost juggles the ball, but takes it comfortably in the end. 23-1 and the old skipper turned skipper for a match, Sangakkara, comes in.

But the rain returns and an early lunch is called. Sri Lanka are 23-1. 

Nice weather for ducks.

The rain clears once again and England can get on with the job at hand. Tremlett strikes soon after the break with a full delivery that Paranavitana misses.

Rod Ducker gives Paranavitana out.

Paranavitana considers a review...

But accepts his fate and walks off. Good job too as Hawkeye shows it smashing into middle/leg stump. Sri Lanka are 23-2.

Sangakkara's horrible time in England continues, as he plays possibly the worst shot I've seen since Brad Haddin in Sydney. 

He edges Anderson behind, leaving his side 29-3. 

Not a great day for the stand in Sri Lankan skipper.

Soon afterwards the rain comes down again, forcing the players off. 

However, after a long delay, play begins at 6 o'clock. England are looking for more wickets and they get one as Jayawardene nicks one off Tremlett behind.

Prior takes it in front of Strauss and Sri Lanka are 39-4. 

Samaraweera and the Other Jayawardene, however, come together and have a productive few overs. (I've decided to finally capture Jimmy's weird way of looking down when he's bowling the ball)

Here, Samaraweera hits a four off Anderson.

After 20 overs, 52 runs and one wicket, the players come off to mark the end of the day's play. Sri Lanka close on 81-4. England will hope the weather stays away tomorrow to give them a chance to finish off Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka will be hoping that they can rebuild and post a competitive score.  
Hopefully the rain will stay away tomorrow, the forecast looks slightly better than it did the other day. If not, I'm sure I can find other ways to keep the ducks entertained...

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