Friday, June 17, 2011

Day Two: England vs Sri Lanka, 3rd Test

Considering the weather forecast, the fact I actually have some cricket action to duckify (working on it) is brilliant. England were on top after a rain affected first day and Sri Lanka were 81-4 at the close. England began day 2 looking for wickets. Here's what happened.

I'm running out of "witty" things to put on the sign. Still, more rain means another interrupted day in the series, leaving the England ducks having to find other ways to entertain themselves.
Strauss decides to engross himself in some Chaucer whilst having his cup of tea.

The rest of the dressing room prepare when they find that Jimmy and Swanny have got hold of the music again...

Tremlett and Prior take drastic action.

However! In a surprise to everyone, some cricket is played. After an early lunch the clouds don't produce any more water. So under the floodlights, out come the players. And it doesn't go well for Sri Lanka. Tremlett gets Samaraweera, who hasn't looked very comfortable at the crease during his entire time in England, for 31.

He's caught in the gully by another former Hampshire player in the form of Kevin Pietersen.

Sri Lanka are 89-5. 

Perara comes in but the way he's playing it's obvious that he's not going to be around for long.

He has a scare when he top edges one off Tremlett towards Trott at fine leg...

Trott misses the ball as it bounces just in front of him.

Handing Perara two runs. 

However, a couple of balls later he decides to try and take on a firing Tremlett again.

He can only get a thin edge behind after going for the slog and ends up being caught by Prior (above his head). 

Sri Lanka are 91-6.

Herath is the next man in and, like Perara, has adopted the Stick Cricket hit out or get out philosophy.

He top egdes a mistimed pull and it flies down to Anderson at fine leg.

Who takes the catch, leaving Sri Lanka 117-7...

And Chris Tremlett with a 5fer at his old ground.

After a partnership of 43 between Jayawardene and Fernando, Strauss decides to bring on Swann after some ineffective short bowling from Broad and some farming of the strike from Jayawardene. 

He, in a definite case of the Sangakkara-Haddins, decides to slog sweep Swann...

Only to find it not sail over the boundary for a six...

But instead finds it caught in the deep by Eoin Morgan. 

Sri Lanka are 158-8 and England hope that they can finish them off before any rain comes. 

Things continue to go things way for Chris Tremlett, as he gets a six-fer...

As Quackmal edges behind to be caught by Prior. 

Sri Lanka are 166-9.

Sri Lanka finish on 177-9 as the rain comes down forcing the abandonment of the day's play. England will be relatively pleased, but the form of Stuart Broad is beginning to become a concern. However, luckily for him, Tremlett is on fire and he'll be hoping that he can pick up his seventh wicket tomorrow. 
And, for something completely different, inspired by a discussion seen on the BBC text commentary, Tremlett decides to show an intrigued Anderson, Cook and Swann about his skill of being able to fit a "tennis" ball into his mouth. Captured beautifully I think...
Anyway, there's day two. Here's hoping for some play tomorrow and hopefully some runs for Straussy when England get to bat!

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